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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Just playing around with Nuffnang.

Also updated the new template over at the Test Sretsis site.

Hope it works!


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Sunday, 21 November 2010

Trying to see if this still works.... it has been a whole year since the last post!


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Monday, 23 November 2009

Arab Street (by Nene, warning: this is also old)

This is also from awhile back when I played tour guide and we went to Arab Street to check out Masjid Sultan and the area. Ahh now I know why I suggested the place, cause I was interested in applying to the History Channel but I didn't really find any juicy stories about the mosque when we were there. Did take some nice pics though.
We even went inside the mosque and this was my first time actually stepping inside. Did the audio tour thing. Oh yeah I was inappropriately dressed and had to put on this jubah. So unglam. Makcik siput anyone? :)
And then we were just wandering around when we came across the Malay Heritage Centre and I realised I'd never seen the place before either so we decided to check it out. There was a batik exhibition by Sarkasi Said and then there were these rooms outside and we went into one with the sign 'Ceramic Workshop: Artist in session' or something like that cause I was curious. There was this elderly man doing some pottery and he was really nice and started talking to us and asking us questions about ourselves and all that and then after awhile it hit me that he's actually Iskandar Jalil! Pretty cool :)

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Okay seeing how Arlin has been blogging loads and turned this into a food blog, thought I'd step up and add my 2 cents worth. But I have actually not been doing much at all (except for work weekends, public holidays and till real late but I shall absolutely not whine about that)...but right after typing that I realised that a few things have been happening but we've kinda just stopped taking pictures (since the camera started working all strange) and we hardly ever upload the pics on our phones to the puter (since it started getting sooooo slow), so I'll have to go back in time and work with what we've got.

So right...I was at Mount Faber. For the first time ever! And finally did that walk thingy. The Henderson Waves, Treetop Walk and all of that. And here are the pics.

So this whole walk took place ages ago during the fasting month. Imagine that..the sweltering heat, no food nor drink. But it was really nice to finally be there and see it.

And then after that we had dinner and I broke fast at Java Kitchen I think the place is called at Dhoby Ghaut and ate this:

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Thursday, 19 November 2009

Not quite apple strudel.

I made this yesterday....felt like making something a little different..but nothing too complicated. Basically I just peeled some granny smiths and sliced them. Then I added some raisins, cinnamon, brown sugar, vanilla sugar and some lemon juice and zest. Then I got some filo pastry...brushed it with butter and added the apple mixture and rolled it up and baked...and that was pretty much it. :)

Next time i'll make a proper studel k? 

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I Made KangKong Belacan!

I had this quite a bit when I was in SG....but I still had a craving for it a few days ago so we got some kangkong from the Asian store and I made it for dinner today! Had to google the recipe cause I've never made it before and I didn't know how to make it...but it tasted pretty decent in the end..and I was pleased. Sigh...miss Ma & Ba's much easier at need to kopek bawang and make all the rempah and tumis-tumis segala!....the apartment still smells belacan-y now...perhaps that's why I can't sleep. Hm. 


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Medve & Blueberry Pancakes.

I felt like some blueberry pancakes so we made some for breakfast last Sunday but unfortunately I used this rubbish mix that tasted awful so i'm gonna have to get some better pancake mix...(or make the batter from scratch if i'm not too lazy) and try to make this again.

This was pretty disappointing....the batter was salty and the pancakes tasted weird. 

I mean can anyone screw up pancake mix??

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Entrecote met aardappelpuree en snijbonen. 

This was nothing fancy...just some steak, mashed potatoes and beans I had for dinner last weekend...but I took a pic of it because..

1.) I hardly make mashed potatoes from scratch. (Its just so much work..and i'm too lazy to peel potatoes...and I still don't have a potato masher or ricer!)

2.) We hardly have matsaleh food for dinner even though we're in matsaleh-land because we just love our spicy food. :)

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I absolutely cannot remember what this cake is called. 

I made this last week....I cheated again :p...yes it was from a box which i've dumped in the trash and I don't recall what the cake is called. Anyway it was pretty good....a little too sweet for me was kinda like a standard sponge with a hint of citrus..(I'm guessing orange?)...oh and tiny bits of chocolate too. 

I sprinkled some almonds on top  before I baked the cake and I couldn't stop picking them off afterwards. I blame Ma for that. :p

Had some leftover chocolate ganache from something else I made so I used that to decorate the plate. 

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Hazelnut Yoghurt

This was obviously not something I made...but I saw it at the supermarket and thought i'd try...and it was quite good. And no, I don't usually like yoghurt....i'm still looking for chocolate yoghurt btw...has anyone ever had some? No I don't mean chocolate kwark or mousse or toetje...I mean chocolate yoghurt. Hmmph. 

Just realised..there's no point signing off my name anymore cause i'm the only one who blogs. 

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Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I made these Czech buns sometime last week I think. They're basically like small buns with filling inside. It was my first time making them...and I used this pre-mix we got a few months ago in the Czech Republic or Slovakia....I can't remember. 

I added oil and yeast to the mix and had to let the dough rise for about an hour. Then I rolled out the dough and added the fillings. Used two different kinds of prune jam, raspberry jam and some chocolate :) 

Brushed them with some melted butter before baking.

The finished product. Quite yummy. Maybe next time i'll try to make it from scratch. 

- A r L i n -

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I'm blogging again! 

Hey sisters,

Sorry I haven't been in touch much....can't believe i've been back for almost a month now. Anyways....I've kinda missed i've been making some stuffies in the kitchen..and taking goes. :) 

Kugelhupf. (I know...this cake is very nenek-nenek. :p)

I've been flipping through my collection of recipe books we got from all the trips...and I picked up the one we got in Vienna....and I thought i'd try to make something...since I've barely tried any of the recipes from all those books. Anyways I settled on this cake...and we went out specially to the Cook & Co store at the Amsterdam Arena woonmall just to get the pan. :)

The cake turned out sorta ok in the end...but not so great...some parts in the centre weren't really cooked properly. Bleh....think i'll have to try to make it again sometime. 

- A r L i N - 

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Thursday, 17 September 2009

A HAPPY MEDVIDEK...thanks to Arnee :) 

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Friday, 4 September 2009

Kueh Lapis!

I tried another kueh today....and i'm glad everyone liked it! Phew....heheh...this one was a bit leceh to make...had to stand in front of the steamer for almost an hour to do the layers..but it was well worth the effort :)

I still can't quite believe i'm trying out all these kueh is actually kinda fun..whee!

- A r L i N -

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Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Another successful attempt!

Yesterday I tried making kueh kosui...and it turned out pretty decent! Phew..:0) Always tricky with these traditional kuehs...especially because I have no experience making them at all...and there are all these weird ingredients that you have to add....really have no idea how they'll turn out....

- A r L i N -

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Monday, 31 August 2009


I made ondeh-ondeh today for the very first time....

I haven't tried it yet though...hope it tastes ok.

- A r L i N -

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Cuppies with Medve.

He made something again!

Cupcakes this time..

Yummy-doo. :0)

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Sunday, 30 August 2009


Ar got a new bag and this was the tag that came with it. I know DD likes to read stuff like this...heheh...

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